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Babes Lexi Belle in Our Side of Paradise

Lexi Belle relaxes on her sofa after a long day. She sits back in her small knit top and a ruffled white skirt. Her beautiful blonde hair is twirled around her finger as she waits for her boyfriend to return home and join her. The straps fall from her lovely shoulders and she decides to leave them down. Perhaps it will entice her lover to pounce on her petite body and satisfy her sexual desires that have been in the back of her mind all day.

Her boyfriend’s cock enters her daydream and the mere thought makes her young pussy wet with anticipation. Lexi Belle knows she will have his thick member inside her tight pussy; it’s simply a matter of when. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, her boyfriend jumps on the couch and smothers Lexi with his body. The two embrace is a passionate kiss and begin to rub their hands all over one another. There are no hellos, or casual greetings, only a fiery desire to ravage each other’s bodies and satisfy their own carnal desires!

He runs his hands over her leg and up the inside of her thigh. He pushes further and anticipates rubbing the outside of her panties and her damp pussy. Shocked, there is just a bald wet pussy waiting for his fingers to penetrate and tease. Wearing no panties, Lexi Belle is ready for his fingers, his tongue, and his hard cock.
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Lexi Belle takes her hands and runs them over her boyfriend’s muscular chest, his abs, and down to his waist. She unzips his pants and tugs them down past his firm ass. She grabs his naked bottom and pulls him in to her tighter. He grinds his hard cock against her wet pussy with his pants still half way on. They dry hump each other, strip each other of their remaining clothes, and ready themselves for the sexual delight about to come.

He breaks away from Lexi Belle’s sweet kisses and begins giving his own, all the way down her body until he reaches her sweet mound. Then, the stud tongues her sweet pussy, kisses her wet lips, and even sucks on her aroused clit. Lexi lets out moan after moan when his tongue strikes her pussy. She loves receiving oral sex and is now filled with lust.

She wants to pay back the pleasure that she just received and takes her boyfriend’s cock into her mouth. Lexi Belle swallows his entire shaft and deep throats his thick cock. She cups his balls and massages them while holding on tightly to the base of his cock with her other hand. She now controls his balls and how fast his cock enters her mouth. Lexi gives him a blowjob until she can feel his cock and balls swell within her mouth and her grasp.

Her boyfriend breaks free from her mouth and again positions himself in between Lexi Belle’s legs. This time, he also positions the head of his cock at the entrance to her warm and wet pussy. Lexi grips the sofa cushions and prepares for his hard dick to penetrate her pussy. He thrusts forward, struggling to shove his entire shaft inside her lovely mound. He continues to push with his hips and inches his way deep inside, finally reaching the end of his shaft. Lexi screams in pleasure as he begins moving his big dick in and out of her tight pussy!

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Babes Lexi Belle in Ma Belle

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