Babes Wake up My Love Starring Ivana Sugar

There she is, the beautiful blonde Ivana Sugar in just her bra and panties asleep in my bed. I should let her rest, but how can any man resist such a temptation. Her body is flawless and her face is perfect, she truly is a goddess. Just watching her take soft breaths and seeing her perky and youthful breasts rise and fall as she sleeps is giving me an erection that won’t stop growing. I must have her and I must have her now.

Slowly and softly I walk towards the bed where she sleeps trying not to wake her before I reach her almost bare body. Ever so gently I lie down next to her and rub my hard cock against her bare skin. Quickly, but delicately, I begin to kiss her lips, her neck, and her erect nipples that I’ve exposed by removing her bra. She lets out a moan in her sleep and I know that my soft seduction is working. I move my fingers down her flat stomach and over her panties massaging her pussy between my fingers. Tugging on the waistband of her panties I inch them down her thighs, around her knees, and then over her feet.

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Finally, we’re both completely nude wrapped in each other’s arms. I slide my body in between her legs and move upward as my penis grazes her bald pussy. A shock of electricity pulses between our bodies, and from my penis to her sweet pussy. We fight the desire and hope to tease each other a bit longer before plunging into the lust filled sex we’re destined to have. But, it’s of no use; we’re too weak and give in to the passion of the moment. My penis finds the entrance to her wet pussy and I thrust it deep inside her. At last, we’re one and our sexual desires take complete control.

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