Babes Vanessa Cage in Quicksand

Vanessa has been waiting for you to come home for what seemed like forever. She put on her favorite black satin panties and matching black bra. She knows how much you like seeing her in all black because of how much sexier it makes her appear.

When you finally return home she looks like a model walking up to you. Her blonde hair flows with her walk and her young boobs bounce with each step. An instant erection is visible in your pants and Vanessa grabs for her it! She kisses you passionately and squeezes your cock through your jeans. “Welcome home baby!”

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She steers you over to the bed with your penis still in her hand. She crawls on top of you and pops her perky tits out the top of her bra. Vanessa aggressively straddles and grinds against your cock. You know she needs your big dick just as bad as you need her pussy! You remove her panties and quickly strip off your jeans. Vanessa again straddles you, but this time lowers her wet pussy onto your hard cock and impales her pussy along your thick shaft. She rides your cock, bucking her hips on top of you and meeting your upward thrusts. Your cock feels so good deep inside her pussy and you’re making Vanessa
moan in ecstasy!

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