Babes Kitchen Fun starring Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy is so excited to be in her new house, with her brand new kitchen, and her loving boyfriend. Everything in life seems to be coming together and she couldn’t be more appreciative. That’s why her boyfriend was about to feel just as good, thanks to Madison. She put her arms around his neck and gently
kissed him on the lips. She kissed him again with more passion and a lot more tongue.

Madison felt her boyfriend’s hard on growing in his pants as he grinded it against her. She lifted her top over her head and let her tits pop out of her bra. Sensing that he may get lucky right here and now, her boyfriend removed his shirt to expose his ripped abs. Madison’s pussy began to tingle as she ran her hands over her boyfriends amazing body. She lifted her skirt to show him that she wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath.

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He knew they were going to break in their brand new kitchen with a passionate fuck. She dropped to her knees and sucked him until his cock was rock hard. He picked Madison up and placed her on the kitchen counter where he thrust his hard cock deep into her wet and waiting pussy. Madison opened her legs wide and wrapped them around her nude boyfriend’s body. She was in ecstasy and began moaning loudly. Her boyfriend knew she was about to orgasm and started fucking her harder and faster. They were both on the verge of having an orgasm and then it happened. Her juices rushed out of her pussy as his cum rushed in to fill her back up.

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